Kaedi Dimbe African Cuisine

Taste of the Motherland


Lunch $13
Daily Specials


Thiebou Djeun (Jolof rice (red), Fish stewed in a rich tomato sauce with carrot, cassava, okra, and white cabbage) 

Mafe (Peanut Butter Stew, Lamb and vegetables)

Yassa Chicken (Sauted chicken marinated with lemon and onions)


Thiebou Djeun (Jolof rice (white) and fish

Thiebou Yapp (Lamb with stewed vegetables in fried brown rice)

Yassa Yapp (Lamb or beef with onion sauce)


Thiebou Djeun (Jolof rice (red) and fish

Domada (Lamb or beef with flour sauce and white rice)

Caldou (tomato sauce with meat with white rice)


Thiebou Djeun (Jolof rice (white) and fish

Suppou Kandja (Okra sauce, mixed lamb and fish in golden palm oil, white rice) 

Thiebou Guinar (chicken with rice)


Thiebou Djeun (Jolof rice (red) and fish)

Thiou Yapp (Lamb with stewed vegetables in tomato sauce with white rice)

Mafe (Peanut butter stew, lamb and vegetables)

Paella (Yellow rice mixed with meat, seafood and vegetables)


Thiebou Djeun (Jolof rice (white) and fish)

Thiou Yapp (Lamb with stewed vegetables in tomato sauce with white rice)

Thiebou Yapp (Lamb with red rice)

Dinner $15

Dibi (Grilled seasoned lamb or goat served with onion plus a side)

Lamb Rooti (cooked lamb, green peppers and onions)

Dibi Chicken (Grilled seasoned chicken chops with onions plus a side) 

Michoui (Roasted lamb stuffed with spices with onions plus a side)

Brochettes Ka-Bobs (Grilled seasoned beef and chicken cutlets served with onions and side) 

Fried Fish (Fresh whole tilapia with marinated onions plus side) 

Poisson Braise (Fresh Whole Tilapia grilled with marinated onions plus side) 

Chicken Rooti (Cooked chicken, green and red Peppers onions)

Pepper Soup (Hot/spicy soup of slowly simmered meat)

Egusi Soup (Pureed melon seed, spinach scotch bonnet soup)

Ogbono Soup (African mango seeds with palm oil, spinach, beef, chicken, fish)


Plantains  $3

Couscous  $3

French Fries  $2.50

Rice  $3

Vermicelle  $3

Salad  $2.50

Neme (Egg Roll) $1.50

Athieke (Home-made Couscous) $3


Beignets (Donuts)  $2.50

Thiakry (millet w/ cream) $3

French Toast  $2.50


Soda  $2

Bottled Water  $1

African Tea (Hot)  $2

Coffee  $2

Natural Ginger  $3

Bissap Sorrel (Herbal drink)  $3

Bouye (fruit drink) $3