Kaedi Dimbe African Cuisine

Taste of the Motherland

Our Mission

The mission of the Kaedi Dimbe African Cuisine Restaurant is to provide authentic African cuisine to San Antonio. Our restaurant will provide a true taste of Mauritanian, Senegalese and Nigerian food from “Thiebou Djeun” (fish and rice) to "Egusi Soup" (Nigerian soup). Our restaurant will also serve as a hub welcoming the diverse population that San Antonio enjoys. Through exquisite food, local business and community resources, Kaedi Dimbe African Cuisine will serve as a vital economic engine and catalyst for Leon Valley and San Antonio. All are welcome at Kaedi Dimbe.

Kaedi, Mauritania

Kaedi is the largest city and administrative center of the Gorgol Region of Southern Mauritania, a country located on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. Kaedi was the second capital and one of the commerce ports for French West Africa, known in the past as “Afrique occidentale francaise.”  

Kaedi Dimbe, translated from the Fula language, means “Kaedi shaken.” Legend states that Kaedi is so rich with resources and wealth that all of the leaders of the world would gather in the city to “shake loose” the riches to carry back to their native countries.

The Visionary

Cherif Sanghott, Owner, is a native of Kaedi, Mauritania.  He is a Network Systems Administrator and Linguistics Professional by trade. But his true passion is to introduce African food to the world.  He is a world traveler that brings with him years of experience. 

A Taste of Africa

Come and enjoy exquisite African cuisine.